Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hello Goodbye

Finally received the DVD with my end of Foundation year review on Tuesday. I sat with my jersey half pulled over my face in embarrassment for ten minutes while my tutor Irene and another teacher from The Learning Connexion discussed my work. There were twenty photos of my art including pages from my workbook showing my jewellery and small animal paintings. Irene also showed the cat brooch she bought from me. Both tutors have recommended I go into illustration in the future.

However I still have not received my enrollment papers for Stage One and we're now at the end of week three in term four. I rang Irene yesterday and she found she had not ticked the right boxes to have the powers that be send me the paperwork and the cut off date for enrollments is tomorrow! I should receive everything today and just need to fax my enrollment to TLC but now I can't get an appointment to apply for a Training Incentive Allowance for three weeks! Grrrr.

Anyway yesterday at art group I did alot more work on my painting for next week's open weekend at Otane and finished it off this afternoon. I have called it "Hello Goodbye". Measuring 4"x8" it is in acrylics on box canvas.

Helen was very excited as she had taken my advice and rung the local Naturist club to ask if they would be prepared to life model for the Friday Portraiture Group. The lady she spoke to said she's be happy to sit for us next month and it even turned out they knew each other. Looks like we'll have a constant supply of life models from amongst Hawkes Bay's nudist population. I'm sure there'll be many people who are shocked but I'm really excited at working from the flesh so to speak instead of from photos and my course DVD. I have also been asked to paint some sample cat brooches to be shown to the owner of another art gallery further down the North Island. Will give more details if this works out.


The Trier said...

well done Jen
they must be impressed with you

grrrrrrrrrr thats income support for u

I LOVE your painting
I like the colours, the geometrical shapes and the subject

pleased you found some models
Im sure painting real models makes a BIG difference

praying the owner of the other gallery loves your paintings

The Trier said...

Im not sure who it said the commenter of the last post was
but its me Jen from