Sunday, July 30, 2006

Paintings For Sale

I haven't been able to update my blog for over a week as the bad weather put my phone out and Telecom didn't feel it necessary to repair the lines for seven days. Yes I am pretty annoyed.

Anyway I decided to bit the bullet and put one of my miniature paintings up on Ebay. It's the small Tiger Head that I sent to the Original Art Sale. The rest of my paintings are for sale on Passion For Paint.

Otherwise I have been continuing to enjoy working with charcoal in my diploma course. This first sketch was a warm up exercise. I have had her propped up on the piano in my sitting room all week as I do with much of my work.

The second sketch was an exercise where we had to draw a grid and then distort it to follow the contours of a face before drawing the face in behind. This worked better than I hoped.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bunny Book

Have had a traumatic couple of days due to someone trashing my car. It amazes me the morons who populate this world.

However onto more pleasant subjects I received a book from Australia yesterday afternoon. Last year a rabbit breeder rang me to ask if I would read the manuscript of a book she was writing. I agreed to do this and she mailed a CD over which I spent a few days reading. I had no hesitation recommending it as a great guide for rabbit owners. Christine must be so thrilled that it's published!

What was particularly thrilling was that she had included my recommendation in the front of the book along with those from a couple of vets, a couple of Aussie rabbit breeders and my friend Pauline Taylor, Vice President of the RCNZ. I hope it sells well for her.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Strike out

I got "the call" yesterday from The Original Art Sale in Auckland to say that not one of my paintings sold! All four were on display on Saturday and I saw a photo of two of them Sunday so had assumed that at least two had sold but no such luck. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on what way you look at it many other people didn't sell anything either.

Fortunately I have commissions to work on at the moment so the blow to my confidence is not a terminal one!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


June 30 was the final day to find out whether or not you'd been accepted for The Affordable Art Show and I still hadn't heard. I emailed the organizer late Friday and within a half hour had a reply to say that I had been selected but the letter must have gone astray so she was sending another copy. I had been having major doubts before this as I had heard that 1200 artists had applied but only 700 were going to be accepted so I'm thrilled.

Anyway despite the show not being on till early August all art work has to be couriered down next week so have to get my three paintings packaged up ready to go. All in all I will have seven works out in shows so fingers crossed that something sells.

I am back completing jewelry orders now and also have a painting to complete for a US buyer so need to get onto that in the holiday break which begins tomorrow.