Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

A friend recently told me that thinking time is flying past is a sign of old age. After I'd buried her body in the garden I pondered this thought. Personally I think it's a sign of being really busy. 2010 has been a hectic year for me, especially in the run up to Christmas. Although I had decided to begin work towards the Creative Hastings Christmas Sale way back in January I still needed to complete extra work towards it as I felt that with the economy tanking people would really only be able to afford small (and therefore cheap) gifts. As it turned out I was right with soaps being the biggest seller. I also received one order for a cat brooch exactly the same as a pendant I painted but which was twice the price. So therefore I spent the same amount of time working on something half the size for half the price. This is why I am not rich.

In the middle of all this were Christmas "dos" for both sections of the Otane Art Group. The Portrait Group took our life model with us to the Paper Mulberry Cafe in Pukehou (our usual hangout) where we spent a couple of chatty hours. The main Wednesday group met at the rooms in fancy dress for a shared lunch (I was a gypsy so not much change from my usual attire). There was also a scarecrow, Fairy Gothmother, a mermaid, Mother Hubbard, saloon girl, Camp Mother and a few not-sure-whats. Unfortunately when I tried to use my camera the batteries had died so thanks to Marie for sending me her photos. Of course when I got home and tried the camera again it turned on...

Then I decided to make some of my Christmas presents. Yeah that was a bright thought when you haven't much time or energy. I had been waiting and waiting to find time to experiment with glass painting and managed to complete a decorated bottle and two votive candle holders. During this process I learned that I need more practice, that the paint doesn't look any good with brush strokes showing and that I have a shaky hand when applying out liner. But I hope that this will be another medium for making affordable gifts which is what I'm all about. So a week off painting now until January 1st 2011 when I start preparing for Christmas again.