Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Gone To The Dogs

Finally finished my commissioned three dog portraits. The cocker spaniel was a real headache as the colours in his coat were very complex so in the end rotated the photo so that it was upside down which made it into a series of abstract shapes and easier to paint.

The red setter was a bit easier to do although getting the highlights right on its coat was tricky. Setters are lovely looking dogs but I have heard that they're a bit scatty.

I enjoy painting fox terriers as their faces are so full of character. "Frank" looks like he's a real laid back fellow who takes life as it comes. His owner asked that all three portraits were done on black and his colours stand out the best on this whereas the spaniel's tends to blend into the background somewhat.

Fingers crossed that the owner likes the finished results.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Received a cheque from The Napier Mail in payment for the article on microlighting so looks like this will be published next week sometime. I was excited enough to scan the cheque which I guess is pathetic but it's the first income I've earned from my writing in New Zealand. I also scanned the first cheque I earned from an overseas publication years ago.

Finished my last assignment for my journalism course but have to wait three weeks to see if I passed and will graduate with a diploma. I have applied to join the NZIBS Graduates Club as they send out job listings and other info plus you have the opportunity to network with other writers which could be helpful.

With my writing earnings I made a visit to the Flying Pig and bought six canvases to replace the ones I used in the exhibition. I love buying new art supplies and am ever reluctant to use them. Their pristine white surfaces seems so full of possibilities and the first brushstroke seems to mark the beginning of frustration and dissatisfaction for me. I never achieve what I really want to say/show. Perhaps the Buddhist theory of the journey being more important than the destination is relevant to my outlook.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Over and Out

Mystic Mermaids and Fantabulous Felines are no more. Went down after lunch yesterday and packed up the exhibition. Always intrigues me how it takes well over an hour to set up and only five minutes to tear down.

I had sold another painting this week- the black and white bunny. Apparently it's gone to the US. I wish we had sold more but our names aren't really "out there" as yet. The gallery have asked me to make some cards from my donkey painting and they will sell them. I will try a couple of the unsold paintings on Trademe but have my patchwork cats for sale on my art site.

Back to work today on the dog commissions plus I only have three questions left on my final assignment for my journalism diploma. Once that's away I have a three week wait to see if I've passed.

Friday, March 10, 2006

First sale!

Creative Hastings left a phone message mid afternoon yesterday to say that a lady wanted to buy my donkey painting but as she was English and flying home within the next few days she would need to take it right away. Usually sold works are left in the exhibition till it's finished but Lyn made an executive call to let the picture go which I'm happy about. I already had a buyer for it if it hadn't sold by the 18th March but he is ok with me painting another version. If I can sell a couple more pieces I will have at least made my costs. It would be wonderful to make a profit but everyone I speak to says that art shows don't sell out like they once did.

Received my next book for review from Homebizbuzz. It's about surviving the bird flu. Slightly depressing but at least it's not about tax.

Managed to get some painting done as I am trying to finish three dog commissions for a lady in Wellington who has been patiently waiting since early this year. I really dislike commissioned work but I guess it makes you work outside your comfort zone.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

This n That

Heard back from the editor of the rural paper I had applied to work for a month ago. The answer is no- they decided to hire someone they already have some association with. Hey ho. Anyway he did say they're having a meeting sometime this week and he will be discussing the possibility of my having a column with his sub editor. My interview with John Ridler (microlight pilot) is still going to be published in the Napier Mail this month but I am not sure when.

Homebizbuzz got in touch asking if I was willing to write another review for them. I said yes and they've mailed out the book already. That's positive news.

A friend went into town to have a look at the exhibition yesterday afternoon. Was highly complementary of Judy's work and said as she left two people came in and were looking at her mermaids. As yet neither of us have made any sales but it is pretty early into the exhibition to hope for that I spose. I would like to make my costs though.

Applied to register (yes you have to apply to enter) the Original Art Sale in Auckland in June. Sent an email with one of my patchwork cats plus contact details. Had a really good response and have been told I can enter four works (four is my lucky number). Apparently the adjudicator wanted to see some of my other paintings as she likes my technique and wanted to see if I can cope with other genres. My framer says I need to get my work up to Auckland as there is a bigger market there so hopefully this will be the start.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

MMs and FFs

Finished the last painting I was intending for the exhibition late yesterday afternoon so had plenty of time to photograph work and put d-rings on the back of my smaller cat paintings. Managed to spear the small screwdriver into the end of my left thumb and bled like there was no tomorrow so there is now some of my DNA on a couple of my paintings.

Got to the gallery at 10.25am and we managed to finish setting up at 11.45am. I contributed twelve items, Judy thirteen so there is a range of work for people to see. In fact three different groups of folk were peering in the front windows while we were working with a couple of women even thinking of trying the front door. Fingers crossed that this is a good sign. I am totally exhausted.