Friday, March 10, 2006

First sale!

Creative Hastings left a phone message mid afternoon yesterday to say that a lady wanted to buy my donkey painting but as she was English and flying home within the next few days she would need to take it right away. Usually sold works are left in the exhibition till it's finished but Lyn made an executive call to let the picture go which I'm happy about. I already had a buyer for it if it hadn't sold by the 18th March but he is ok with me painting another version. If I can sell a couple more pieces I will have at least made my costs. It would be wonderful to make a profit but everyone I speak to says that art shows don't sell out like they once did.

Received my next book for review from Homebizbuzz. It's about surviving the bird flu. Slightly depressing but at least it's not about tax.

Managed to get some painting done as I am trying to finish three dog commissions for a lady in Wellington who has been patiently waiting since early this year. I really dislike commissioned work but I guess it makes you work outside your comfort zone.

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