Thursday, March 09, 2006

This n That

Heard back from the editor of the rural paper I had applied to work for a month ago. The answer is no- they decided to hire someone they already have some association with. Hey ho. Anyway he did say they're having a meeting sometime this week and he will be discussing the possibility of my having a column with his sub editor. My interview with John Ridler (microlight pilot) is still going to be published in the Napier Mail this month but I am not sure when.

Homebizbuzz got in touch asking if I was willing to write another review for them. I said yes and they've mailed out the book already. That's positive news.

A friend went into town to have a look at the exhibition yesterday afternoon. Was highly complementary of Judy's work and said as she left two people came in and were looking at her mermaids. As yet neither of us have made any sales but it is pretty early into the exhibition to hope for that I spose. I would like to make my costs though.

Applied to register (yes you have to apply to enter) the Original Art Sale in Auckland in June. Sent an email with one of my patchwork cats plus contact details. Had a really good response and have been told I can enter four works (four is my lucky number). Apparently the adjudicator wanted to see some of my other paintings as she likes my technique and wanted to see if I can cope with other genres. My framer says I need to get my work up to Auckland as there is a bigger market there so hopefully this will be the start.

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