Thursday, March 23, 2006


Received a cheque from The Napier Mail in payment for the article on microlighting so looks like this will be published next week sometime. I was excited enough to scan the cheque which I guess is pathetic but it's the first income I've earned from my writing in New Zealand. I also scanned the first cheque I earned from an overseas publication years ago.

Finished my last assignment for my journalism course but have to wait three weeks to see if I passed and will graduate with a diploma. I have applied to join the NZIBS Graduates Club as they send out job listings and other info plus you have the opportunity to network with other writers which could be helpful.

With my writing earnings I made a visit to the Flying Pig and bought six canvases to replace the ones I used in the exhibition. I love buying new art supplies and am ever reluctant to use them. Their pristine white surfaces seems so full of possibilities and the first brushstroke seems to mark the beginning of frustration and dissatisfaction for me. I never achieve what I really want to say/show. Perhaps the Buddhist theory of the journey being more important than the destination is relevant to my outlook.

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