Sunday, March 19, 2006

Over and Out

Mystic Mermaids and Fantabulous Felines are no more. Went down after lunch yesterday and packed up the exhibition. Always intrigues me how it takes well over an hour to set up and only five minutes to tear down.

I had sold another painting this week- the black and white bunny. Apparently it's gone to the US. I wish we had sold more but our names aren't really "out there" as yet. The gallery have asked me to make some cards from my donkey painting and they will sell them. I will try a couple of the unsold paintings on Trademe but have my patchwork cats for sale on my art site.

Back to work today on the dog commissions plus I only have three questions left on my final assignment for my journalism diploma. Once that's away I have a three week wait to see if I've passed.

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