Thursday, December 31, 2015

Circling Nature.

I have been engrossed in my studies for the Advanced Diploma of Art and Creativity (Level Seven) with The Learning Connexion since last year. This has led to me completing some very different art from what I usually do including "Land Art" with items lying about my back yard.

A mandala made from acorns.

I have in particular become fascinated with mandalas making them with stones, flowers, and painting them on pendants and rocks. Of all the pictures that I put up on my new Facebook Arts Page these get the most reactions.

A wreath woven from prunings.

I was pruning a huge shrub which had overgrown to the extent that it had gone seriously woody underneath. There was enough flexible material left over to weave into a wreath.

A spring mandala.

As the seasons passed so did the amount of natural material I had to work from. Here is a mandala composed of variegated periwinkle interspersed with lawn daisies.

Although these works are ephemeral and have either rotted away or been eaten by farm animals the inspiration I gained from doing them has provided directions I can go in with my art in the future.