Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It's been a busy week for me so I haven't had much time to write. Firstly completed my first folio of assignments for The Learning Connexion. These were an eye opener as I am not used to working so loosely or fast so some of the results were startling. However I did complete two portraits that I wasn't totally ashamed of.

Also have submitted photos of four small cat paintings to The Affordable Art Show to be held in Wellington later this year. I haven't entered this show before but I have heard great things regarding it's organization etc. Won't hear if my paintings have been accepted until the end of June.

Also have two orders (both from the US) for a pop painting of Elvis plus jewellery to complete before the end of June.

Friday, May 12, 2006


I spent over three and a half hours yesterday drawing and painting. The exercises I have been doing in my Foundation level course with the Learning Connexion have proved quite nerve wracking as I am having to work much more loosely than usual PLUS drawing human beings which I have always been told I cannot do (by art teachers at High School). I spent some time on an exercise where I had to draw a charcoal portrait from a photocopy but with the photo upside down. This meant that I was looking at the face as a series of abstract shapes rather than as a person. What was weird is that it worked and I ended up with a slightly plumper version of the photocopy woman. I was thrilled and have the drawing propped up on my piano.

It's amazing how our perceptions of what we can do can be so severely marked by negative comments. How many people have given up art because some well meaning teacher in primary school told them they had no talent? When you think about it all children draw the same until their teens but then something happens to stop them pursuing art. I am sure this is negativity from their "betters". I think you need to have faith in your abilities so that it doesn't matter what others say you still have that burning passion to follow your dreams. It doesn't matter that we're not all going to be a Michelangelo or Monet. It's important that you find joy in what you do.

Searching through the blogs the other day for a mention of the Creative Fibre Festival I came across a blog from a knitter who attended. Lo and behold there was a shot over the trades hall and I was able to see Irene and I down in our stand to the middle left (with the two tables running diagonally). I am sitting with my head down painting and you can just see my two angora scarves stretched across the wall behind me. Beverley has been kind enough to say that I can republish her photo on this blog. This shot was taken in one of the quiet times- usually the aisles were full of people.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Down Town

I finished the order I got from the Creative Fibre Festival and dropped it off this morning. The lady is happy with it which is the main thing. I am enjoying painting on paua for a change and think I might try some more monarch butterfly paintings as they look so striking. Also dropped into The Flying Pig to buy some more white paint and cartridge paper. I could go happily mad in there buying supplies.

Yesterday I had a call from Creative Hastings Gallery to say that the only have two donkey cards left from the ten I took in a month ago. Asked me to bring more in which is great news. I had intended to drop some cat ones there next week anyway. No time to paint today but at least I have done some art related tasks.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Back to school

Since I graduated from the NZIBS I have been much more confident in approaching editors with articles and other writing so thought perhaps I could do the same with my artwork. To this end I have enrolled with the Learning Connexion for their Arts and Creativity Diploma (Honours). Received a box full of supplies, a large portfolio case to send work in and a whole range of DVDs with the lessons on them. Unfortunately I found that the player on my computer would not play them so ended up going into town on one of the wettest days on record to buy a DVD player. Fortunately they're only half the price they used to be. My TV is so old and small (it was my mother's spare one) it didn't have all the plugs needed to run the machine so my brother patiently hooked the player up through the video and it's all working perfectly now.

It has been overwhelming looking at all the work I need to complete in this course and I feel that I may be pushed out of my comfort zone- especially working large and boldly when I am used to small and detailed. However I hope to learn many new techniques that I can use in my art.

I also have a phenomenal amount of work to complete for the Original Art Show plus work for selection for The Affordable Art Show has to be submitted in two weeks. I wish I had more on hand but I need to jump into these shows this year so will submit what I can and try and have more completed by this time next year. It's a shame they don't make 30 hour days......

Yesterday a friend sent me a box of CDs that she didn't want (I only had ten of my own- many of them gifts) so I am listening to Marilyn Monroe singing her biggest movie tunes as I write this. I have to have music in the background when I'm working otherwise I get distracted by the sounds coming from outside.