Sunday, February 24, 2013


I am clearing my life of much of its negativity at the moment leaving toxic situations and giving up pastimes which have brought me no joy. This has left extra time for new ventures including Zentangles. As usual it began with a library book as I am an inveterate doodler and the concept of transforming the scribbles I make while on the telephone into a finished artwork was intriguing. 

Zentangle Inspired Work In My Visual Diary
In a nutshell Zentangles are miniature (3.5" square) abstract works of art usually in black and white. The concept was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas who train CZT® tutors although you can pick it up yourself via sites such as the marvellous Tangle Patterns. As a beginner I am winging it so not using the official tiles or recommended pens so probably I have to qualify my work as Zentangle inspired. But I have to say it is relaxing even if I did spend far longer than the recommended 15 minutes on my creations. A very addictive new pastime!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Watercolour Nude

I am trying to move out of my comfort zone so when my tutor suggested I take my watercolour paints to life drawing I decided to have a go. I am trying a looser way of painting which fits with in with the short poses we attempt in our Friday class.
This is one of my favourite models and is painted in red cadmium and raw sienna with a size 12 brush over a charcoal pencil drawing. I have tried realistic shades but am much happier with more dramatic colours. I keep reminding myself that if I don't like my paintings I can always save them to light the fire with!