Saturday, September 10, 2011

Generation Gap At Pukeora

I am slowly getting back into the art habit helped by deadlines which make me get my A into G. The Festival held at Pukeora Estate over the weekend of 8th-11th Sept 2011 was an event I wanted to enter. For the first time I painted on a prepared black canvas and decided to make it easy on myself by choosing cats as my subject. "Generation Gap" is a 8"x8" square canvas and I have used acrylics, gradually building up in layers to give the impression of soft fur. A friend thought the adult cat looked grumpy which inspired the name as I thought he was perhaps ruminating on the easy life these "young whippersnapper kittens" have with their indoor litter trays and soft beds.

Because the painting was so small it was given its own special plinth and easel to sit on. This seemed to do the trick as it sold to someone out of the area who also paid to have the work couriered to them. Sometimes going all "chocolate box" does pay off but there's no guarantee that if I did a similar painting tomorrow that anyone would want it. So much of selling art comes down to pure luck.