Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Folk Art Cat Stone For Sale

I'm trying to kick start myself back into painting regularly but without much success. However I did manage to complete a folk art stone painting I began a couple of months ago and post it up on Trademe. Not too sure what sort of breed it's meant to be as the tail is much too fluffy for a British Blue cat.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Abby Brooch and Library Withdrawals

Finally got back to painting this week completing the abyssinian cat on paua brooch that was ordered a while back. I love the abbys as they're so full of personality.

Legs are nearly falling off as I try to complete spinning 300 grams of chocolate brown alpaca for Fiberz which I want to send away tomorrow. I hope it's up to their standard- I am trying to spin as finely as I can.

Yesterday was my big day in town- I was getting library withdrawals as it had been six weeks since my last visit so I joined up with the Hastings Public Library. Being a new member meant I was only allowed to borrow three books but the young librarian informed me on my next visit I can borrow up to 50! It was like a treasure trove in there as it's much larger than Napier library and of course I haven't read most of the books there so I was in heaven. Came away with a book on Anna Sewell (who wrote Black Beauty), one on the artist who drew Rupert Bear and another called "Henrietta" written by a woman who was a life model posing for Lucien Freud amongst others before becoming a traveller in the later 1960s travelling Britain by horse drawn gypsy wagon. With the nights closing in and becoming chilly it's lovely to curl up with an interesting story.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I haven't picked up a paintbrush for over two weeks now so must get back to work tomorrow. Been busy unpacking since the big shift and still haven't found everything. Have even lost my file box containing all my Learning Connexion lessons, feedback and study notes which was carefully brought out here in the car by my sister in law along with most of the breakables. She's coming in today to have a look and try to remember where she last saw it so fingers crossed she knows where it is as I've pulled every cupboard apart and can't find it. You'd think a decoupaged box with cats all over it would stand out a bit!

One piece of good news since I arrived is that I got the job spinning alpaca I applied for several weeks ago. Ended up spinning three samples before I got the yarn up to their standard (very fine, many twists per inch etc.) Currently spinning up 300 grams of chocolate alpaca from "Annabel" which has to be sent by Friday. Wish I could show a photo of my work but Blogger doesn't seem to show any of my pictures once I've uploaded them at the moment which I hope is a temporary glitch.