Thursday, January 19, 2006


At the moment I'm reading "Buddhism For Busy People" by David Michie and last night had a major epiphany which kept me awake till nearly midnight. I always say that my life lesson is patience. I seem to have to wait for important things in my life- usually for years. In his book Michie mentioned that patience is the opposite of anger and that good Buddhists try to cultivate this in order to negate any feelings of anger that can create bad karma for the future. Looking at my life at the moment I realize that I am angry at many of the things that have happened in the past few years plus I was worrying as I was losing my equilibrium and obsessing a wee bit too much over what was done and not done. As the Dalai Lama says that our enemies are our greatest teachers perhaps I have to turn my way of thinking on its head and be grateful to those who have caused problems in my life as it has given me the opportunity to cultivate patience.

The other message in the book is if you look back to a time when you've been terribly miserable it usually is when you've been thinking of yourself and dwelling on your own problems. How true! Perhaps you're not able to go out and save the world but if you can immerse yourself in some activity, particularly a creative pastime such as writing or art, then your spirit lifts and the day becomes much brighter and easier to bear. I know my danger times are mid morning and also just before sleep. At the moment gardening helps (even if it's just for 15 minutes) and of course I keep a few books by my bedside to dip into in order to take my mind off my worries. They're still there of course (I have my second migraine of the month to prove it) but I am hoping by taking this major life lesson and working with it as a positive rather than something to fight against I can become more settled.

Last night I was talking to someone about how important it is to have humour in your life. I have always said that if you can't laugh at yourself you could be missing the joke of the century. Not only that but who wants to spend time with an old misery guts (Kiwi term)? We don't laugh enough during our day and I'm sure that's why there is so much illness in modern society. We spend so much time in pursuit of material possessions we think will make us happy that even when we achieve that new TV or pair of shoes that happiness only lasts a moment. It means nothing.

Happiness (which equals peacefulness in my opinion) does come from within. A new house, boyfriend, job or more money will not bring you joy but just lead to more dissatisfaction. The more you have the more you want. Unfortunately we live in a world where this is seen as a good thing.

Onto art- I am enjoying painting at the moment. The stress of being just a few weeks away from the exhibition has not hit home yet. We finally finalized the name "Mystic Mermaids and Fantabulous Felines" which covers my friend's wire and bead sculpture and my animal art. Also I returned to The Craftsman yesterday but the owner has not returned from holiday so haven't a definite answer on my work. Have to cultivate some more of that patience and go back next week.

Received another assignment back from my journalism tutor Monday just as I mailed another. I was worried as I had to write two articles "What I Think of Today's Children" and the other on a subject of my choice (rabbit illnesses) and I was not confident I had done a good job. However my tutor liked both and suggested the bunny one should be submitted to some publications. Fingers crossed!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Moving Out Of The Comfort Zone

Went into a shop that have stocked a few items of my work before and took in a selection of jewelry and cards. The lady responsible for buying wasn't there this week but her husband liked what I'd taken so I left everything there and will go back next week. Left $190.00 worth of work- would be great if I could sell all that. The shop caters mainly to tourists but is upmarket and doesn't have all the tacky Kiwiana you sometimes see in souvenir shops. Fingers crossed!

The lady who books exhibitions at Creative Hastings rang this week and wants a name for my friend's and my March show by Friday. Panic!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Back in the saddle

Have finally begun work again for the New Year. Finished a commissioned pendant of a lady's white Flemish Giant bunny "Ed". The photos she sent were good but they didn't show the feet so had to be creative. I did about eight bunny portraits last year so I think this may be a more popular subject here, especially considering how many people keep rabbits as pets. Not many people want their cats painted which is weird though.

Finished my book review for Homebizbuzz and emailed that in but haven't heard anything back yet. Also am in the middle of another assignment for my journalism course which deals with reviews of all things. I have to make this course a priority for the next few weeks so that I can finish on time. Also have to begin another commission for a pendant within the next few days (a dog this time). However today I want to do some work towards my friend Judy's and my first joint exhibition in March 2006.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


One thing that really annoys me with an auction is how if it doesn't reach reserve and you offer the item to the watchers they never accept or reject the offer but leave it until it expires three days later. This holds you up so that you could lose a potential buyer. Most of my auctions have finished for the left-over Christmas sale stock and although a couple of things sold eight others did not so I offered them to people watching. In the case of one pendant there were two bidders and three watchers, none of whom have made a decision whether or not they want the thing. What's worse is that Trademe introduced a scheme last year whereby you can see when people log into their account and in all cases these individuals have been looking through TM but just haven't made a decision. Just my pet peeve for the day!

It has been too hot to paint so I have been concentrating on finishing my book review for Homebizbuzz. I also have another to write for Klauw on Kate Bush's new album "Aerial". Did manage to finish an article for Kiwi Herald on the weekend on Ian Holm and his work here on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Had quite a few interesting observations about Peter Jackson. Last week did a massive mail-out of newsletters for the EDFNZ so was able to begin the New Year with a clear conscience.

A reporter from Hawkes Bay Today came out to do an interview about EDS and the work of the Foundation which should come out this week. Be interesting to see if it's a serious piece or just another Freak of the Week story. At least it will be a clear week before I have to go into town again after its publication so hopefully everyone will have forgotten about it by then!