Wednesday, January 04, 2006


One thing that really annoys me with an auction is how if it doesn't reach reserve and you offer the item to the watchers they never accept or reject the offer but leave it until it expires three days later. This holds you up so that you could lose a potential buyer. Most of my auctions have finished for the left-over Christmas sale stock and although a couple of things sold eight others did not so I offered them to people watching. In the case of one pendant there were two bidders and three watchers, none of whom have made a decision whether or not they want the thing. What's worse is that Trademe introduced a scheme last year whereby you can see when people log into their account and in all cases these individuals have been looking through TM but just haven't made a decision. Just my pet peeve for the day!

It has been too hot to paint so I have been concentrating on finishing my book review for Homebizbuzz. I also have another to write for Klauw on Kate Bush's new album "Aerial". Did manage to finish an article for Kiwi Herald on the weekend on Ian Holm and his work here on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Had quite a few interesting observations about Peter Jackson. Last week did a massive mail-out of newsletters for the EDFNZ so was able to begin the New Year with a clear conscience.

A reporter from Hawkes Bay Today came out to do an interview about EDS and the work of the Foundation which should come out this week. Be interesting to see if it's a serious piece or just another Freak of the Week story. At least it will be a clear week before I have to go into town again after its publication so hopefully everyone will have forgotten about it by then!

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