Monday, December 26, 2005

Sale Aftermath

The gallery sale ended Christmas Eve so went down at lunchtime to pick up my stuff. I was the first to arrive, in fact there were still customers shopping when I began packing up. I had sold another pendant that week and a brooch that day but disappointingly I was down quite dramatically from last year. I felt a bit blue about it (thinking no one wanted my work) until a friend also participating told me her sales were down drastically also. My family told me that there is so much junk displayed there that it's sometimes hard to see past it to the quality work (I hope they count mine amongst the quality and not the rubbish). My friend isn't going in the sale next year and I'm going to have a rethink. One good thing is that eleven of my business cards were taken and I have already received an order. New Year's resolution in the art line is to find more outlets.

I have put my remaining gallery items on Trademe so fingers crossed something sells.

I had one day off (Christmas Day) and now have to get back to writing. I have to finish the book review for Homebiz plus have five newsletters to complete this week. I'd be moaning if I had nothing to do but it's slightly stressful at the moment so plenty of St John's Wort tea is being imbibed.

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