Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Breaking the exhaustion barrier

Adrenaline has alot to answer for. It gets you through extra work you have to do but leaves you totally wiped out on the other side. I painted myself into a stupor yesterday trying to finish off a few more items to take into the gallery sale. Then this morning I was hurriedly trying to put brooches into their packets and then messed up the labels and so had to start again. My problem is that I only can work in natural light so even with daylight saving I feel like I'm racing against time. I finished stringing the last pendant five minutes before my ride arrived.

I have sold two pendants, one brooch and a folk arty fox stone in a week so hope the rest of the month goes as well. There were quite a few people browsing there although I didn't see anyone whipping out their wallet.

Yesterday I heard that I have been accepted as a reviewer on Homebiz a New Zealand home business website. My first book has been sent out with reviewing guidelines. I am really looking forward to trying this. You never know I may even learn something.

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