Friday, December 02, 2005

Late As Usual

I was intending to make daily entries to this blog but unfortunately life gets in the way. Was running late with finishing work for the gallery Christmas sale but took enough down to town on setting up day last Sunday (27th November). There was the usual air of contained chaos with a few white faced artists helping set up displays. Fortunately I have the wooden stand my friend's Dad made me which allows me to display my jewellery and small works together so they don't get lost in the general melee of items. Once the lady in charge had time to find a spot to place the thing it only took five minutes to set up. On Wednesday I took in a couple more pendants in plus over 50 animal cards. Apparently the first day went really well but I have no idea how much I've sold.

Also managed to finish my christmas card for the artists' swap. I stuck the completed painting onto a piece of red card and sent it off to Canada last week. I decided to crop the picture and have printed out copies as cards. I also reprised the image and painted it onto a pendant (on Clutha river stone) which was the first one I had drilled myself. It only took forty minutes! Hopefully I'll speed up as I gain experience.

Also finally put up the interview with Katbite on Kiwi Herald. I agree with Kat that it's the smaller bands making the most interesting music at the moment although I have to admit to buying a Yulia CD last month. Definite sign of age there I think!

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