Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Girl With A Drill

Big excitement yesterday when my friend John arrived out for a visit and gave me an old drill he no longer wanted. I have been having to rely on the kindness of friends to drill stones for my hand painted pendants over the past couple of years and had decided that I must save up for a drill so I could do the job myself. Now I only have to buy a vice to hold them and I'm in business.

I have only twelve drilled stones left since I completed a few commissions for people over the winter (mainly rabbit portraits and one horse!). My latest order came from the US and was for a blonde pomeranian dog. Eventually it will end up in Hawaii as it is intended as a christmas gift. Some of my prevous pendants can be seen at Passion For Paint

Today I have to finish off a commission for an Elvis stone again destined for the US plus a Christmas card as part of an exchange programme I'm involved in with other artists so there is some pressure on. Fortunately with daylight saving here in New Zealand I can finish up some work in the evening after I've finished my farm chores.