Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tis the season for burnout

Only a couple of weeks till the end of 2005 and I'm really tired. I haven't achieved half of what I wanted to do due to "people stuff" which can tend to fill the days with worry. Yesterday I received some more information on the Arts and Creativity Diploma run by the Learning Connexion in Wellington. It does look interesting and I think I could really use some help, especially with life drawing and portrait work (humans that is). Apparently they're in the process of upgrading this course to a degree. Lets face it that's the only way I'll get a fine arts degree in New Zealand extramurally as all the other schools need you to attend in person. There is alot of emphasis on preparing exhibitions and getting out there before the public which is what I need to do if I want to make a living from my artwork and writing. My journalism course should be completed in March if I pull my finger out so I could start in April if I can get some funding. The registrar says she'll ring me again in Febuary 2006 for an interview.

I rang Creative Hastings yesterday but have only sold a few items since last week. It's been a disappointing year there for me so far, not only for me either as I know two other artists who are finding it not as lucrative as previous years. Perhaps people are just sick of my stuff as the lady running it says the sale is going very well. At least I'll have some stock I can sell on after Christmas which will make a change. I have also listed an auction on Trademe offering to paint someone's pet bunny on a pendant. This is due to end Friday and I have a couple of watchers so fingers crossed.

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