Thursday, October 04, 2007

Patchwork Rabbit No 2

Yesterday winter returned in full force so it was a cold morning at Otane Arts and Crafts. I fully intended to finish my patchwork painting but didn't get much done at all. Instead I put my head down today and finished the work half an hour ago. "Patchwork Rabbit No 2" is in acrylic and on gallery wrapped canvas so the pattern continues round the side. It is four inches square. I am entering this and my tiger head painting (this blog's avatar) for selection for the mini exhibition at Electra Gallery next week.

On the way home from art group Gaye, her two grandsons Alex and Nicholas and I stopped off to visit her friend Esther who has a beautiful property outside Waipawa. After a cup of tea in a sunroom looking down over a beautiful English style garden we went down to visit Esther's three alpacas, Thucis, Winter and Pollonius. I used up nearly an entire roll of film on these honeys as they were so beautiful with their huge eyes and long eyelashes. Thucis is a white Suri Alpaca so looks like he has dreadlocks all over his body while Winter was a fluffy white beast and Pollonius a chocolate Alpaca. I fell in love with the Suri and when he came over and bent his head down I bent mine only to have a soft kiss planted on my lips. Tasted most definitely grassy! Yes I am in love with this fibre breed. Ah to have some spare cash......

Speaking of Electra I received my hardcopy of the newsletter plus my cheque for "Two's Company" (the donkey painting I sold at The Festival last month) this afternoon in the mail. Will be able to pay a bill or two which is always good news. I also have two books to review, one in PDF file which is a pain as I hate reading at the computer, and the other a vibrant art book about Dean Buchanan. I have a couple of piles of books to get through at the moment which is my idea of heaven.


Jen and family said...


its been real windy too A
all the best for exhibition next week
I do like your tiger

jen at

damask22 said...

Hi Jen

Thanks for your best wishes. Glad you liked the tiger.