Saturday, October 06, 2007


Helen's two grandchildren posed for us at portraiture this week. Both were very experienced models despite their age being completely unselfconscious and instinctively knowing what positions would prove challenging to draw. For the first few two minute sketches the children alternated. As per usual I began in charcoal but have decided that from next week I will draw completely in pencil as I have much more control in this medium (ie. the hands don't tend to end up looking like bananas).

For the longer poses the brother and sister posed together which was extremely challenging in both terms of time and also in capturing proportions. As there were only six of us in attendance I moved closer and was able to gain a much more interesting perspective.

This to me is the most pleasing composition as it was very difficult to draw with both children lying down plus it resembled the sitters. I was disappointed with one of my earlier drawings as it made the young man look much older but he was so taken with it that I gave it to him thus continuing my tradition of giving away my clangers!

This morning I had a call from Electra to say that both my paintings have been selected for the mini exhibition. Kevin helped me with the price as well ($65 each) and said that the little rabbit one in particular seemed to be getting some attention with people dropping their paintings in. Those lops are so appealing with their floppy ears and big eyes it's easy to get a reaction with one as your subject. Same as with donkeys.


Jen and family said...

wonderful drawings

CONGRATULATIONS re the call about your paintings from Electra

Jen at

damask22 said...

Thanks Jen. I am really enjoying all the different models we're having at portraiture at the moment. Finger's crossed over Electra- exhibition begins today.