Saturday, October 13, 2007

Two young girls from just outside Otane were our models yesterday. Very pretty but the smaller one was a bit too little as she found it hard to keep still. Her elder sister at 12 did a great job though. I have begun completing the longer poses on my own white paper in the hopes that they will show up a bit better for scanning but apparently not. I think I'm too reticent when I draw so the lines come across as faint and weak. Sometimes people mistake this for being sensitivity.

Helen has suggested that over the warmer months we hire a life model once a month but it was difficult to think who to ask. I suggested they approach the local naturist club as I'm sure there are a few people there who wouldn't mind letting it all "hang out" so to speak. Everyone has agreed that we don't want beautiful as lovely people are not so interesting to draw. People who have lived life and have the marks to prove it are much more rewarding.

Sent some brooches, pendants and rocks with Jacqueline who is taking them to Electra this morning. If the management agrees that they're what they want then it could be a great sales outlet.


Jen and family said...

praying that Electra accepts your pieces :)

jen at

damask22 said...

Thanks Jen. They did and a pendant sold on Tuesday so that was good news.