Saturday, October 20, 2007

Drawing A Non Wriggler And The Whole Fish Thing

Better session at portraiture yesterday. Our model was Jenny, Gleny's sister in law and although she couldn't achieve any contorted positions like the younger subjects she did keep perfectly still with no wriggling. This was my best effort although once again my pencil work is so cautious that it doesn't translate well on the scanner. Much better in person- that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

There were about seven people at the class which makes it very relaxed. I don't mind joking around in such a small group and they're very good at giving it back as well. Still lots of talk about hiring a nude model and Jacqueline got us fired up by saying her husband had volunteered but we were quickly deflated when she added he'd stipulated that we would have to draw in the nuddy as well. That ain't gonna happen!

After a panic that I have no new work for the open day in only two weeks I began a small painting of stylized fish on Thursday. Took me an hour to work out the design and transfer it to the canvas but I'm charging along now and should finish it by the end of the weekend. Maybe I might get another one done but our entry forms have to be handed in this week and I don't want to push myself too hard as I have orders to complete. Also received my entry form for the Creative Hastings Christmas Sale Thursday so have registered for that. Only a month away and I have nothing finished for it except a few cards. The Madeline Kahn song from Blazing Saddles will be my theme song till the end of December- "I'm Tired".


Jen and family said...

sounds like your busy busy busy

jen at

damask22 said...

I guess I prefer it to being bored as long as it doesn't become too overwhelming.