Saturday, November 24, 2007

Blah Days

There are blah days when whatever you draw or paint just doesn't seem to work and you can't fathom why. Yesterday it was like that at Portraiture despite the fact that we had a very good model called Anne who works for the antique dealer down the road. I spent nearly two hours becoming increasingly frustrated with my sketches of her as I seemed to regress to my poor standard of two months ago. However for the last drawing I decided just to concentrate on her face and this turned out a fair likeness which even Anne liked.

Today has been the same. I have been working on two still life paintings for my course working light to dark for the first and visa versa for the second. Each was not meant to take more than an hour but they did and I still think they're horrible. I will give myself 30 minutes more to finish them this evening and then put them away. If I can complete twelve exercises in nude drawing tomorrow and Monday I will be able to send away my first Stage One folder on Tuesday and finally be assigned my new mentor.

Perhaps it's the heat or perhaps it's the blahs that hit us all from time to time but I even lost patience with a film I'd taped last night. Managed to watch 30 minutes of "Hotel Paradiso" starring Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson but it was so execrable I turned it off. Certainly not up to the standard of The Young Ones with two many violent gags even for my stomach. Sometimes it's better just to read a good book.

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