Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Otane Open Weekend

Portraiture last week was slightly disappointing as our model didn't turn up. Everyone was looking forward to drawing her as she had many and various piercings! However we were lucky that Helen's granddaughter Megan was off school due to a dental appointment and she kindly modelled for two hours. Unfortunately I was not happy with any of my drawings as they were mostly of her back.

Saturday morning was the first day of the open weekend at Otane Arts and Crafts. Gina collected me early and we arrived just after opening. The exhibition looked fantastic with a great range of styles and subjects displayed. In the end I had six paintings on show as Donna had brought the patchwork series ones back from Quilt Works.

The first morning we gave a display of our drawing abilities. There were only four of us from the usual Friday portraiture group and I was encouraged to be the first model. For forty five minutes I sat in a very comfy armchair on top of the posing platform. Then Owen had a try and finally Gina took the stage until lunchtime. This is my favourite drawing of her where she was leaning back against the cushions.
Quite a crowd came through the rooms that day as there was a bull riding event nearby. Listening to some of the comments was interesting to say the least.

Gina and I left shortly after 2.30pm but on the way stopped in at a beautiful old homestead which doubles as an antiques shop. The owner was very friendly and took us through the rooms he has set up with all the furniture and collectables. How I wish I were rich- especially as he was having a 50% off sale. Had an interesting conversation concerning ACC as he is also having a battle to get compensation (for a back injury). He is also a Tibetan Buddhist which was of greater interest to me, he had even attended a class taken by the Dalai Lama in Auckland this year. Strangely enough Gina and I had been talking about Tibet on our journey to Otane that morning.

By the time we reached my road it was beginning to cloud over. We dropped in on Gaye and had a cup of tea out on the lawn in front of her jasmine vine. Rachel and Korbus dropped in on their way back from town and kindly gave me a lift when they went home.

Next morning I could barely move so spent an hour with a hot water bottle stuck to my back feeding up on painkillers. Glenys arrived just before midday and we got to Otane at lunchtime. Not such a big crowd on that day and as I was not in the mood to do much painting I spent time talking to people. Even my cousin Elaine came for an hour to view the exhibition.

I had been told that not many paintings sell at the open weekend but three people did sell (all landscapes). I won the People's Choice Award! I have no idea who voted for my work but I was very chuffed. Apparently I will get a prize but as I was too unwell to make it to art group today I have no idea what it was.

I got home at 5pm and fed the animals and barely had time to get changed before Rachel and family picked me up and we went to Gaye's for an alfresco meal. Gina's husband Gareth tricked us by saying that he could hear the oncoming thunder storm in the electrical wires out the back. We all rushed out to listen to the very loud humming but of course it wasn't the wires at all but the grass grubs flying around!

We went inside for dessert and a cuppa. Very relaxed conversation which went on till late. Getting into the car we could hear the morepork calling in the trees just beside Gaye's house. I think I arrived home at 10.30pm and rolled into bed nearer midnight. My social gallavanting has taken its toll of me I'm afraid as I have barely been able to do anything this week.

Some good news- I received a cheque for a brooch from Electra Gallery today. Also Waddle Inn sold one last weekend and although they're sending back a couple of pendants and some cards they've ordered more which they will pay for outright instead of taking them on consignment. Also I have cat brooches in Katz Gallery in Masterton and these will be for sale from Friday. I also have three tentative orders for paintings but won't count my chickens till they're hatched!

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