Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Week That Was

After not managing to get to art group last week I was determined to make the portraiture class last Friday. This time the model was the antique dealer that Gina and I met after the open weekend. He brought along a book to read while he posed which he did mainly on a chair.
At one point he went into a meditation pose for twenty minutes and this turned out to be my best sketch of the day as it really captured what he is all about. Mid morning my back began to play up and I was unable to finish the last pose and had to leave ten minutes early. I think stretching up to draw on my easel didn't help matters.

Yesterday I called into Creative Hastings as Bev had a book on donkeys she wanted to show me. Really comical story originally published in Austria. We had a chat about my work and she has offered to take some items into a shop in Napier she thinks might be interested in selling them. I tried not to think that the Christmas Sale there begins in a week and I hardly have anything finished for it.........

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