Sunday, November 18, 2007

First Life Drawing Class

Been a frantic rush this week to complete work for the Creative Hastings Christmas Sale. Spent Wednesday morning at art group working on a tiger pendant and have since completed three other pendants and a brooch which is not alot of work when you think about it. The paua to the left had such beautiful colours in the shell it really called out for a watery subject. I enjoy painting goldfish although I have yet to put one on canvas.

Strangely enough I have never painted a German Shepherd despite, or rather because, my brother has always kept them. He is so fussy with how they're portrayed that I've been too intimidated to try but I have finally decided to have a go.

When painting pendants I have to think what will sell as I've had a few subjects that take a while to go. Mini lops are very popular at the moment so hopefully this little guy will find a home pretty quickly.

Had another go at a unusual cat brooch in Christmas colours as we're only a few weeks away from the silly season. I thought I was doing so well with this one as I had base coated the main colours by Wednesday evening. However I then found I had done it upside down so that the brooch clip was at the bottom and not the top so had to paint the whole thing with several layers of white and begin again.

We had our first life drawing session at Otane on Friday which was very exciting. I am unsure as to whether to post any drawings here in case someone takes offense. Our model was in her sixties, totally uninhibited about being in the buff proudly showing her tattoos. I gave her the best of my drawings (with her sitting on a bar stool) but managed to keep some better ones where I sketched from down at her feet while she lay on her side. Good exercise in trying to cope with foreshortening. Even my feet looked like feet instead of bananas! Very exciting and can't wait until the next class in a month's time.

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