Monday, December 03, 2007


I have been busy artfully this past week but haven't felt like blogging much. Collected a few unsold items of jewellery from The Craftsman in Napier to put into Creative Hastings plus finished off another pendant to send in. Apparently so far I have sold three cards, a cat stone, a cat brooch and a tiger pendant. Not bad but not wonderful either.

Wednesday at art group I'm afraid I spent too much time gas bagging with Helen and Glenys. Did manage to do a wee bit of painting before going home. Only a couple more weeks before the art classes shut down for nearly a month which is going to cause some withdrawal symptoms.

An ex policeman called Jerry was our model at portraiture on Friday. He was a wonderful subject as he kept so beautifully still. Apparently from Wales but he'd been here in NZ so long he had lost his accent.

Helen did a most wonderful couple of studies of him in oil paints. I have no idea how she works so quickly- makes my tentative pencil studies look positively anaemic. There were only six artists at the class which was a shame but people are becoming more and more busy as we get nearer Christmas so can't afford the time out to sketch.

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