Thursday, December 20, 2007

Moaning Minnie and The Naked Lady

My moans and groan about feeling unwell have become so boring that I'll keep them short for this post. However I returned to my doctor this week and after reviewing my test results and comparing them with my symptoms she is tentatively diagnosing me with Fibromyalgia. At this stage she is reluctant to label me but I think it's likely I have the disorder after reading all the available literature and talking to people I know with it. I have two medications to try to see if they help with the muscle inflammation and spend time lying with a wheat pack on my back falling asleep! Moan over.

Our last portrait class on Friday was so enjoyable as our original life model returned. I took along some different mediums to try including an ink pen and pastels (my least favourite). However the resulting drawings turned out much better than I hoped. It helped that the model is a fan of art deco and came along with 1920s hat, shoes, jewellery and fox furs! Most of us got totally caught up with drawing the hat, even the men in the class. I am particularly happy with this drawing as it is much freer than my usual work and the pastels caught the skin colour really well.

This one also turned out better than I hop ed although I made our model very tanned. However the hat looks great. Glenys and I yawned all the way home and by the time I got inside I discovered I was shaking tired. However after a light lunch I felt well enough to wash down the back wall of the house which was incredibly dirty and footrot the goat. That night I reverted to the human pretzel but it was worth it.

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