Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Parties

The Silly Season is upon us again. Because I have been unwell I am hopelessly behind but have been making an effort to go to my last art classes since there won't be any more until mid January. Last Friday we had a local guy called Tony sit for us- I really enjoyed trying to capture his face with the close clipped beard. After portraiture the eight of us made our way to the Paper Mulberry Cafe for our Christmas meal. I had Greek Filo again with a slice of carrot cake and hot chocolate. I think we were there nearly two hours chatting. Helen managed to get a free wooden high stool from the owner for our life models and while I was waiting for my desert I bought two bags of carded wool for just $7 each. There is a great range of items for sale at the cafe and I'm sure they sell well as it's such a popular venue.

This past Wednesday the Otane Painters' Christmas party was held at a member's new home in Waipukurau. We were all meant to meet at the local park to sketch but when we got there at 10am no one was about so Gaye, Gine and I ended up having a hot drink in town waiting for midday. Turned out everyone turned up at the park at different times and found no one there, we must have missed each other by just a few seconds.

The day was so incredibly hot that we were glad to get to Jean's at lunchtime. Around twenty five people turned up, many members I had never met before. We all took a plate so there was plenty of wonderful food and Helen donated the Christmas Cake she won as a raffle prize and the Otane Open Weekend. The wife of one of the painters made the most beautiful slice that everyone loved out of filo pastry, honey and nuts. A Greek recipe apparently. We each took a present and received one in return. When I dipped into the basket I received a sachet for putting in my wardrobe and a recipe for Christmas slice. Everyone had a wonderful time- there was certainly alot of chatting going on. By the time we left at 2.30 I was exhausted although sorry to go. Jean was a lovely hostess and she made us so welcome.

Gaye dropped me home at 3.30pm and I found the mailman had left my TLC folder at the back door. There was a letter from my new mentor/tutor Carrie who comes from England and specialises in illustration. My feedback is now to be via DVD and the half hour session she gave was very helpful as she was able to visually show me my strengths as well as things I can improve on. Carrie will be working throughout January so I will be able to use that time to catch up on work since I had to start so late in term (thanks WINZ).

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