Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Tale of Two Exhibitions

I have had some major thoughts recently one being that I should sell all the books and collectables from The Menagerie and concentrate on creating and selling my own animal themed work to sell. Much as I adore books they no longer sell well so once my current stock is sold it will not be replaced. I contacted Touchwood Books who have bought most of my farming titles so I spent yesterday deleting four pages from the website. At least I'll regain some space in the house and pay off some of my shifting bills.

Tuesday my neighbour Linda came over to say she was driving to Waipukurau to do some chores and ask if I'd like to come along. Spent a lovely morning having a cup of tea and scrummy lemon and ginger slice in the sun in the main street before I looked at an exhibition at the Electra Gallery. One painting that stood out for me was a huge landscape looking across farmland towards the Ruahine Ranges. The artist captured the drama which I see every morning.

Then yesterday I went to the Creative Hastings "Birds, Books and Bicycles" exhibition. CH holds an artist's challenge every year and it was interesting to see what people came up with. My favourite was a small work- a white canvas with a beautifully rendered male sparrow in the bottom left hand corner with a fake sparrow sitting on top of the canvas. Lyn told me it sold before they even opened the exhibition. Also good news that there was $28 there for me from the sale of 10 cards and they want more donkey ones. Picked up a newsletter from Electra Gallery while I was there and found local artists can join for $15 so that's on my to do list.

After I got home my cousin Elaine rang to say that there is going to be a craft market held in Waipukurau on the 12th May. She's sussing out more info and will get back to me. She is wanting to sell some of her knitting and was thinking I could sell my jewellery there. Just have to cadge a ride.

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