Sunday, May 13, 2007

Early May Work

Never got along to the craft fair in Waipukurau yesterday morning. Too cold and not enough stock to sell. I always berate myself that I don't have more stock in hand to take to these events- I usually work right up to the wire with deadlines. This week I finished two cat brooches and a pendant and have a wolf pendant half completed for an order.
Have sent in my entry for the NZ Art Guild's "Off The Brush" exhibit at the Bruce Mason Centre in Auckland in August. Have paid for a half panel which is about the size of my fridge door but as I usually paint in miniature that should work out.
With winter nearly upon us here I should find more time to paint when I'm stuck inside without outside distractions. I have been naughty going out with the neighbour down the road instead of working and this has to stop.

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