Friday, May 18, 2007

The Patch and Cards For Sale

The managers of the NZ Art Guild have opened all the patches submitted for "Patchworks" the collaborative artwork we have all submitted to. There is a slide show showing all the member's submissions- it's amazing how many of us had similar ideas (especially regarding monarch butterflies). My idea came from something I once read. When soldiers liberated the concentration camps at the end of WWII they saw butterflies carved into the buildings. This was believed to be because of a Jewish belief that the soul is represented as a butterfly. I like the idea anyway and as the theme of Patchworks was Soul I incorporated the monarch into my design. The gold lettering is the Hebrew word Nephresh or soul.
Have also uploaded some of the art cards I sell onto one of my websites. There are cat , rabbit and donkey cards (the one shown on the latter page is my most popular item). Prices shown are in NZ dollars before postage. This week I had a couple of enquiries about them from overseas retailers so fingers crossed this works out.

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