Sunday, May 27, 2007

Melinda Doolittle and Other Stuff

The lady from the District Council rang back about the arts funding scheme and after speaking to me she feels I could be eligible for money to pay for an exhibition. Sounds like they can even help pay for materials. The only problem is the deadline for submissions is 31st May and I have to find a place to hold a show and I'm not really up with the galleries down this way. I think it might be an idea to ring Citizen's Advice and see if they have any ideas.

Yesterday I spent an hour getting jewellery ready to paint which involved wire, cutters/pliers and epoxy glue. Doesn't matter how careful I am I still have glue seeping out from the tubes and getting on everything. I did get four brooches and nine pendants ready plus mended a china horse Demelza knocked off the shelf.
And was anyone else shocked and angered that the immensely talented Melinda Doolittle was voted off American Idol? I assume all the Sanjaya voters turned their attentions to Blake. Melinda should have won but somehow I don't think her loss is going to harm her career. We're a week behind American in screening the show so the finale is only being screened tonight.


Jeanine said...

I completely agree.... Melinda should have been the winner of American Idol - her voice (and work ethic, and personality) was just so far above anyone else! Her vocal control is amazing (I am a singer, and I know how hard that stuff can be).

damask22 said...

Often when you listen to singers you worry that they're not going to be able to hit the high notes etc. That was never the case with Melinda. Watched the finale last night and the most electrifying moments were when she sang- especially with Gladys Knight. Somehow I think she's going to end up a bigger star than Jordin.