Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Something Fishy

I was up until late Monday night finishing the two fish paintings for my brother's birthday present. Next morning was up early signing them with shakey hand, trying to get d-rings screwed in and both sprayed before he arrived. Made it with about half an hour to spare which is pretty good for me.

The two paintings are 4"x4" square acrylics. I've named them "Hello Goodbye II and III" after the first version I completed last year. Although the design looks quite simple they are difficult to paint as they need to be quite flat in tone plus being so small they're very fiddly in places. Still Rich seemed happy with them. He has always told me that if I have any artwork I don't want to give it to him because if I become famous and then drop dead he will make a fortune! Yes black humour runs in our family...

Got to Otane early today. Fortunately the painting room was well warmed with several heaters. Got my easel out and began work on my new painting which is a large picture of Briar. Purely done for commercial reasons- donkeys sell. Got the work sketched out and began laying in a wash for the sky before lunch. Gay, Gine and I left early though to do a little shopping in Waipawa before heading home to light the fire and to spend the evening convincing myself I did a good days work (not).


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

stunning design i like anything geometrical
wonderful colours too

happy birthday to your bro

how siblings do you have Jen are they similar to age as you?


damask22 said...

I have a sister who is 15 years older than myself and Richard (who is also adopted like me) is 11 years older. In my biological families I have two half sisters on one side and a half sister and half brother on the paternal one. There is no contact between us however.