Saturday, July 12, 2008

Changing Times

Had one of my favourite models at portraiture yesterday. The grandson of one of the artists Mattie is always very patient and uncomplaining which usually results in us turning out some very relaxed drawings. I have been using graphite pencils the past two weeks and must admit that I really like the effect. However two artists were were achieving some wonderful results using Faber Artists' Pastel Pencils. John lent me three of his to bring home and I have been having fun working with them which now means I'll have to save up to buy a few for myself.

There is also talk of our changing the day of portraiture from Fridays to Wednesday instead. This would mean that we would spend the day at Otane, mornings drawing, afternoons working on our other projects. The main reason for the suggested change is the price of petrol which increased to $2.19 a litre this week. It is just too expensive to make two trips to Otane a week- especially if you live half an hour away as many of us do. I sincerely hope everyone will see the sense in this new arrangement.

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