Monday, July 28, 2008

Just A Little News

Last week was our last portraiture class to be held on a Friday. From now on we will hold them Wednesday mornings with the afternoons being for personal art projects as before. John had to adapt our existing plinth the models pose on so that it can easily be moved into the garden group's room which we will be using for portraiture in order not to disturb people not wanting to participate. He cut it in half and put castors on two legs on each part so that it can be easily rolled. Hopefully with the change of day more people will be able to attend the class as we were dwindling in numbers.

For our last session in the old room we had my favourite life model. I mainly used the Pitt pastel pencils (like in this drawing) but at home the next day completed a graphite pencil and linseed oil work which I was quite happy with but which is too large to scan. It is alot of fun moving out of your comfort zone and using new materials.


Sandra T said...

Hi. Graphite pencil and linseed oil...sounds interesting. I love to hear of these ideas. Like your work, love the cats, just started reading your blog...shall continue.

damask22 said...

Thanks for your kind comments Sandra. It is great to hear when people like my work as it sometimes feels as if you're working in a void with only you own thoughts for company! Jen