Thursday, July 24, 2008

Inspirational Art

Tuesday I had my long awaited dental appointment to repair a broken tooth. As a reward afterwards I went to Aaron's Emporium in Napier, that evil shop which compels me to spend too much money. I was mesmerised into buying over twenty small paintbrushes which I wreck when painting my jewellery as well as six smallish canvases including a couple of minute ones measuring just a couple of inches with a small wooden easel to display them on. As a finale I bought more shiny glass things that I pile into glass bottles on the window sills so that when the sun shines through them I can indulge my obsession for shiny things. I am beyond hope.

Afterwards headed to the Hastings Community Arts Centre to replace the donkey cards I'd sold. While there I viewed an exhibition called "Odyssey" by Shirley Vogtherr, a Hastings based artist. There were a variety of works displayed including four dramatic charcoal nudes. However I was more captivated by her painting of two female nudes viewed from the back and painted in shades of grey and golds with an almost silvery sheen over the surface of the canvas. Her other works were landscapes, mostly of Hawkes Bay views but again these were not conventional paintings- rather they appeared fragmented as if looking through shattered glass which she says is inspired by Hawkes Bay's history of earthquakes. There were also a series of boat paintings painted in the same manner but again with oil paints which seemed to softly glow. It wasn't surprising to me that of the twenty-two works shown ten had sold on opening night.

Wednesday at Otane I worked on some calico cat brooches requested by Katz Gallery. As these are very time consuming I decided to do several at once in a kind of production line but even though I spent three hours on them I didn't complete much painting. Blame this on my propensity to chatter away, especially as we have another interesting new member of the group.

Today I returned to Otane with Gine and Gay late morning as the Wool Group were hosting the mid winter annual lunch for the combined groups. This was my first time at a lunch but I was so glad I attended as it gave me a chance to see people from the four other groups that use the building. There was a lovely lunch provided by everyone bringing a plate and afterwards we were given the chance to look at the sales tables (resisted this as guilty after my art supply splurge) as well as a raffle table (bought two tickets). The main event was a talk given by two locals who have an olive oil business. Afterwards the rolling raffle was drawn. Nineteen wrapped packages were on a table and after each ticket was called out the winner would pull out the next ticket before going to choose a parcel. I got the giggles as I constantly had the numbers before or after the winning ones. However our painters did well with Gine, Gay, Glenys, Lea, Colleen and Betty all winning something. I also had a couple of chats with the President of the Otane Arts and Crafts who told me my friend Maxine who moved from Tikokino seven months ago is selling her new place in Taupo soon and moving back down to the Bay. Next minute I turned and who else did I see sitting across the room but Maxine who had driven all the way down for lunch.

I have finally scanned my abstract work completed at Gine's workshop last month. Based on the Australian tree seed head I drew in graphite this work is composed of textured card overlaid with crumpled tissue and embellished with small stones, lentils and rice. I had great fun with colours and everyone says the work reminds them of looking into a river. I however think I've been watching too many episodes of "Stargate Atlantis" as it looks like outer space gone blue.


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Aaron's Emporium its a cool shop isnt it
You should let me know next time your in Napier. We could get together.

My boys like Stargate


Melissa Muirhead said...

I really like that Jen, it really has depths. I also really like Stargate Atlantis too - one of my brothers got me into it and we got quite addicted.

damask22 said...

I'm glad you like it Melissa. Strangely enough it's had a positive reaction from nearly everyone despite the fact that it's very unlike my usual style. It was my brother who got me into Stargate Atlantis as well. He's a real Sci Fi fan.

damask22 said...

Hi Jen. I was a bit strapped for time when I was in Napier as I had to get back home by mid afternoon but definitely next time. Jen