Sunday, July 06, 2008


The New Zealand Art Guild Annual Member Exhibition "Make It Memorable" opened on July 1st (last Tuesday) at the Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland. Five paintings sold the first night, unfortunately none of the ones I sent but it's a fantastic result for everyone else. The exhibition runs until the end of the month.

Wednesday at painting group I managed to get ahead with the two paintings for my brother's birthday. Also have been chipping away at two exercises for TLC which I am trying to finish this weekend. The weather is so bitter and wintry at the moment you'd think it a great time for being inside working but most of the day I am trying to thaw out which doesn't help the creative process.

Friday at Portraiture our model decided not to come and sent her brother instead. The long suffering boy was so patient and even contorted himself into interesting positions for us to sketch. This is a more conventional pose.

Finally finished reading a biography on Georgia O'Keefe which I have been dipping into over the past fortnight. A fascinating artist who has really helped wake me up to abstracts (along with Gine's workshop a couple of weeks ago). I wonder what O'Keefe might have achieved if she hadn't been married to such a strong personality as Streiglitz. Now onto "The Art Of Andrew Wyeth" which I first read twenty years ago. His paintings of rural Maine and Pennsylvania resonate with me, especially living in a shabby chic house covered with lichen. Everywhere I look now I see potential paintings.

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