Thursday, April 27, 2006

Show Time- Preparation finished 19 April 2006

I was too busy and exhausted to update my blog while the festival was taking place but here is what happened.......

Finished bagging up all the angora yesterday afternoon (18th April). Shockingly have over $500 worth including third grade. When I rang the carding company yesterday morning they still hadn't finished my blending and said to come lunchtime. Drove out there at 10.30am just on the off chance and it was sitting there waiting for me. The white didn't bleed out the colour so it turned out a very pretty light grey. Lost some of the wool so combined with the angora so it came out to 950gms.

Didn't get time to paint yesterday at all. Didn't get my $500 worth of jewelry finished but achieved over $300. May be able to make up the rest over the weekend if I sit there painting. Last night made a A4 poster with examples of my better work and also ones with photos of all my different angora rabbit colours so I'll have something to decorate the wall of the stand with. My jewelry pouches I ordered didn't arrive despite the company saying they'd couriered them to me just before Easter weekend. The woman in charge said she'll send more today and is sending them to my brother Richard as he gets his deliveries in the morning being in town so I may get them before the first day of the show.

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