Sunday, April 30, 2006


I am still so exhausted from last weekend that I haven't done much at all. However did receive my first order as a result of the Festival when someone rang up and asked me if I would paint a monarch butterfly on a paua pendant. Also sold the goldfish paua pendant on Tuesday.

Took five pendants into the Craftsman in Taradale on Wednesday. The owner suggested that I come along in September for the Spring Festival and sit in their shop painting. They will advertise the event and I might sell some work. Apparently there is alot of foot traffic on this particular day so it could be a good opportunity for me.

Began spinning again yesterday- finishing up the grey perendale I was given by Shane at the wool place. I returned there on Wednesday as he had some fine fleeces he thought I'd be interested in. He spent half an hour taking these out and then testing them for fineness and strength. Finished up with two fleeces (a fine Romney and Black Faced Suffolk) that he skirted and bagged up for me. He also gave me a quick lesson at how to test for soundness and micron level which was immensely helpful. I then went to the library and got a book on basic knitting so no excuse now.

I dropped off the tiger pendant I was working on at the Festival. Haven't heard if the guy liked it or not as I dropped it at his mother's place as per his request. I have felt painted out this week but have to get back down to it as the Original Art Sale is only a month away and I need to get more work finished. As we're in the middle of a bad rain storm at the moment and I'm stuck inside this is probably the right time to get onto it.

I have posted a couple of my paintings for sale on Ebay as well.
OOAK White Persian Kitten and Whimsical Folk Art Calico Cat Fingers crossed!

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