Thursday, April 27, 2006

Creative Fibre Festival- Day Two April 22 2006

Day Two was a bit quieter for all of us. Even Irene only made $300! I made $122 but it was like pulling teeth.

Put a sign on my big basket of third grade angora saying what you can use it for and ended up selling four bags compared to none the days before.

The poodle lady from Napier came back with a photo. She wants a proper painting done so I have to think up a price. The alpaca lady came back and gave me a pad with an alpaca photo on it. Her husband also came round to look at my work as he has a say in what's stocked and fortunately he liked it.

The girl came back to pick up the alpaca pendant and to talk about her shop. It's going to be on her property in Otane (a few minutes down the road from me) but she's on a main road plus there is an olive farm next door that gets loads of customers so she'll be cashing in on that. She has bought a carding machine to run alongside the shop and it should be open in three months. Do I want to sell on consignment or would I like her to buy outright?

Sold three brooches and sat painting a calico one all day as I was so tired I couldn't work fast. Jan (lady who took my rooster) brought her friend round to look at my stuff and she bought the calico before it was finished and ordered a brooch of her shit szu.

A dyeing lady (as in dyeing wools) asked if I could paint a small Burmese rock for her to send to China.

I have got rid of 33 business cards (art) and 16 for the angora plus lots of spinning instruction sheets. People admire the pendants but they're not selling.

One lady looked at my cat painting and then said "$100 for that!" in a horrified voice. Then said "Oh Jen Longshaw- I've heard of her" and I said "Yes that's me". Boy she backpedalled about the price as she was so embarrassed. The painting she looked at took me 20 hours so she's begrudging me being paid $5 an hour. She said she would ask her husband if she could buy one of the smaller pictures for her daughter who is cat mad but I don't expect to see her back. She did buy some angora though for her weaving.

A lady came and said she used to paint rocks but they've had their day. She recently went to a fair but none of her work sold. I haven't had that problem but do think perhaps people associate some rock painting with novelty items.

The organiser of the next festival (in New Plymouth in 2007) asked if I would consider having a stand. I said if she could find me a trader who would be willing to sell my stuff on my behalf (and I would give them a percentage) I would send my work but I couldn't come along myself as it was too far. She thought this a good idea and took my details down.

I have covered my stall, petrol and costs and am in profit. So went and bought 900 grams of fine Gotland carded wool from Irene to celebrate.

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