Thursday, April 27, 2006

Creative Fibre Festival- Setting Up 20 April 2006

Back from setting up at the show. Irene the lady I am sharing with (she breeds Gotland Sheep which are from Sweden) is really lovely and we have a stall right opposite the entrance door so people can't miss us.

In the one hour we were open I sold some of my blended fibre and some white angora to one lady and another came back three times before buying a cat brooch. I made $30 in one hour. One funny thing- people didn't seem as if they were going to leave at 5pm so the organisers turned the lights off! LOL

I am definitely taking my paints tomorrow as I need something to encourage people into my side of the stall. Also people are getting me mixed up with Irene so I am going to make a sign saying Angora Rabbit Fibre to put on my wall plus I have hung up a couple of angora blend scarves so people can see how incredibly soft the fibre knits up.

One lady who is running one of the six alpaca stalls (Riverdale Alpacas) came in and said she wants to buy some angora so she can try a blend. Also caught up with Jan from Jan Silks who took one of my bantam roosters a few weeks ago and she has made a killing with her silk scarves in just one hour. Tomorrow the public are allowed in so it will be interesting to see what happens.

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