Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New 2009

My New Year's resolution is not to make any New Year's resolutions. You start with great intentions and they wither away before January is over. Well perhaps I can state one intention that I will try to keep during 2009 and that is to stop saying I could be happy if only this would happen or if something else doesn't happen. The better way forward is to live in the moment and just take what enjoyment out of it you can. I see too many people who think the grass is always greener somewhere else and end up never being satisfied. Life isn't perfect and trying to enforce our own view of what we think it should or could be will only make us unhappy.

I have begun back into my TLC course work since I still have 198 hours to complete before the end of Term One. For drawing we had to try and copy a Da Vinci sketch which meant I had to borrow a book from Gay who has an entire library on the great artists. Like all the masters Leonardo can give the impression of the sitter in few lines. The model's eyes seem to speak out from the surface of the paper although my version doesn't have the looseness of the original as I was too nervous of making a mistake. Thank goodness for erasers!


sats said...

Impressive eyes! Nice sketch.

damask22 said...

Thank you! Jen