Saturday, December 27, 2008

Becoming Jane Austen

Christmas is over and done with for another year thank goodness. I mus admit that I was so unenthusiastic that I didn't even bother to put my "Merry Kissmass" teddy bear out on display. One thing I have noticed over the previous few years is that less and less people are sending Christmas cards. I thought it was just me but when I've asked around everyone confirms that it's the same for them. Whether it's the influence of the Internet or else we're becoming too busy to be bothered I have no idea but on the plus side I guess we're saving some trees.

I did much better at the Creative Hastings sale than I expected so should be able to pay a couple of worrisome bills in January. Four of the seven soaps I sent in sold- in particular the stylized butterflies and Jazzy cats were most popular. I gave a few for gifts and have heard from people that they're not going to use them which is a shame as I wanted to find out how the paintings lasted.

Full of good intentions every afternoon I sit on the sofa, my bean bag tray on my knees painting. Because I am so comfortable there I am able to work for much longer than usual but unfortunately this doesn't help for larger works as my sitting room is really too small to accomodate my larger easel. However I want to build up some stock so I can find other outlets to sell through.

I am currently reading "Becoming Jane Austen" which I guess partially inspired the Anne Hathaway movie. I have read every biography of Jane Austen that I could find over the past twenty years- this is a highly readable addition. It made me think of how important letters once were to people of those times and how well written they were. Although concerned with the minutiae of daily life they were very witty. There is nothing so wonderful as holding a handwritten letter in your hands, knowing that someone has taken the time to sit there and write to you. I wonder what Jane Austen would make of us today with our "text" language and emails? I can't talk though as I take so long to write by hand that battering out an email on the computer seems a much easier option. Who knows- if she lived today Jane Austen might be an enthusiastic blogger.


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