Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting Plastered

Late November I finally got round to running the mask making workshop at Otane. I was concerned that few people would be interested as it did involve taking off make up and trusting your fellow painters to get you plastered without suffocating you at the same time. Blanca (our Peruvian visitor) was the first to volunteer. We draped her in newspaper and towels after she had first vasolined her face and I demonstrated how to wrap Gladwrap around her hair before applying the plaster bandages. Even though she can't speak English Blanca continued chattering in Spanish before I finally plastered her mouth shut. Jacqueline documented the procedure with her digital camera so we have a great record of the morning including shots of everyone fully masked looking decidedly spooky.

Glenys went next and this time Blanca and Jacqueline did the honours while I supervised. I took the opportunity while Glenys was unable to speak to cheek her but she still managed to place a well aimed kick to the shins! There was one hairy moment when the girls inadvertantly covered up part of her nostrils and then she was partially exfoliated as we removed the mask but all in all Glenys said she found it all very soothing.

Marie had a huge phobia about having her face covered up and perhaps being unable to breathe properly but she bravely faced her fears and allowed us to plaster her face. The others in the group came over to add their support and occasionally a smart comment to the proceedings. The general consensus was that Maire resembled Queen Victoria!

Meanwhile Gine and Colleen decided just to plaster their hands. Colleen however was a bit impatient and didn't wait for the bandages to dry which resulted in a couple of her fingers falling off. She found a jar and positioned the hand over this while trying to stick them back on. At one point they were all facing different directions, another time one finger was standing alone flipping the bird, another time the hand was giving the Vulcan sign to "Live long and prosper". In the end Blanca helped Colleen to stick them back on and they made a great job too. It was only when they finished that Gine pointed out that the little finger was where the middle finger should be and visa versa!

After much discussion over lunch Jacqueline decided that she would have her mask done while lying down as that way all her wrinkles would fall away! She lay down on a table while four of us worked on her. Then it was my turn- photos to follow! I don't think I have laughed so much in a very long time.

The following week I showed everyone how to vaseline the negative and pour plaster of paris into it to form the positive. As of writing this I have several scary looking plaster "Jen's" lying on the dining room floor. When I have time I will then make a couple of papier mache masks based on these to frighten the visitors!

Otherwise I have been frantically painting colourful "Love Bugs" and decorating soap for the Creative Hastings Sale. It has been so slow this year but I have sold three pendants and a few cards and there is still two weeks to go.


Anonymous said...

Haha...... it was an interesting morning. I have a phobia about not being able to breathe, which I didn't know about until I had nightmares about the whole process the night before the workshop. I needn't have feared, though, as it was very soothing - just like having a facial. Until it came to removal of mask, facial hairs and all, that is...... Jen tells me I'm evil, but I plan to make some hands as well, and a scary mask, to half-bury in the garden to scare the locals next Halloween! -thats as well as the "glamour-puss" Venetian-style mask I signed up for! (Well, we live in hope.) - Marie.

damask22 said...

I think you were very brave for participating Marie. The equivalent for me would be allowing a tarantula to climb over my face. It will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with when they come to make their masks.