Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Great Underwear Caper

I have been painting painting painting gifts and still have more to finish today. However yesterday I had break when I went to town to finish a few chores including spending my birthday money which I had put aside to go on an underwear safari. So it was that I found myself at Farmer's panicking, trapped amongst the knickers with lacy over the shoulder boulder holders surrounding me in every direction. Two snotty young females on the counter looked haughtily in my direction but it was no wonder as I crept along, bent in shame, surrepticiously feeling every bra I could, trying to find any that were not underwire ones.

Finally I found two cotton ones that looked like they should really be in the training section and bashed my way out of the claustrophobic jungle of briefs and thongs (why women bother to buy them when it would be cheaper to wear dental floss is beyond me) ala "Father Ted". I now have great sympathy with men who panic at the mere thought of entering the lingerie section as it's bad enough when you're female.

Afterwards I dropped off another pendant at Creative Hastings. The past week has been very good for me as I have sold seven of my twelve Love Bugs, a couple of soaps, pendants and a brooch as well as animal cards. The sale ends today but hopefully there will still be a few last minute shoppers who in desperation will buy something that they don't want, don't understand and can't return ie. my stuff.


Marie said...

Arrrrrrrrrggghhhh!!! The great underwear hunt!!!! I hate shopping for lingerie because of my size - never can find anything that's pretty AND comfortable. I have (in desperation) started sewing my bras, and have finally found a pattern I like, which supports and is comfortable. Next problem - finding "powernet"! Jen, you can remove the underwires in bras, if they dig in. Easy peasy!
I, too, am feeling a little lost without my Wednesday art group day.... Roll on the middle of the month!
Happy New Year!

damask22 said...

Happy New Year to you Marie. I got to the stage that I didn't really care if bras are pretty or not, just as long as they were comfortable plus I can't buy white because of the country water and the way it turns white to grey in short order. And then you have to break the stupid things in. But at least afterwards you don't feel as if something has escaped...