Thursday, January 08, 2009


The thermometer under the veranda read 35oC (95oF)at 8am today so goodness knows what temperature it was out in the sun. Being stuck inside I decided to work on an exercise for the "Acrylics Into Oils" section of Stage One since oils would be the easiest to work with in the heat. After using acrylics it is such a pleasure to have time to blend and the colours are so much more rich yet subtle. However after an hour and a half painting with Edith Piaf in the background warbling about losing her legionnaire/gangster/boxer even I was ready to lose the will to live.

With the economy being so depressed at the moment (David Letterman says it's so bad that even the Salvation Army has surrendered) art becomes even more of a luxury item and I've had to rethink my goals for the year. Perhaps people will only be able to buy smaller items so I should concentrate on these as my bread and butter line. But then again I don't want to stagnate creatively yet can I really afford to paint some large piece that might not even sell? I think my grandfather's motto of "moderation in all things" is the way to go. Concentrate on the work that will generate an income but in those spare moments when I'm not stressing about paying the phone bill work on a painting for a competition or try something new to add to my non existant portfolio.

Buddha once stated that nothing lasts forever and even an economic downturn will eventually go the other way and that's when the artist will hopefully be ready to hit the market with some new ideas that'll make a potload of money and save some of us from continually trawling for a rich old sugardaddy...


Marie said...

Haha.... after 90 minutes of only Edith Piaff, (much as I love listening to her), I think I would have been ready to shuffle off my mortal coil, too! Time to change to something Latino, I think. At least it's more in keeping with the heat! You may jig about and smear your paint, but at least you will paint with a smile on your face. AND it will remind you of our lovely Blanca, who was with us for such a short time, but who will be sadly missed now that she's returned home.

damask22 said...

I'm with you about the Latino music Marie. Actually have an LP of Peruvian stuff but my stereo has packed a hissy fit since the 2007 shift and won't play. :o( Back to some loud Queen instead (the band that is not Boy George).