Saturday, February 16, 2008

One Of "Those" Mornings

Went to portraiture with Betty today. Owen (another member of the group) had agreed to be our model and got into some interesting positions that challenged us. For some reason though I wasn't cooking with gas at all yesterday and when three visitors (including a visiting Canadian artist) came in mid morning I was thrown off and couldn't draw anything worth keeping.

Betty needed to pick up a few things in Waipukurau and so while she was shopping I worked on a poem. I have one that accompanies my cat brooches and needed another for the new dog line. In the 40 minutes I waited I completed five verses so hopefully that'll do. Afterwards we drove up through Ashley Clinton to Tikokino. The countryside round there is so dry and barren with so many fields with no animals in them. Very serious situation for the farmers which impacts on the local towns as they haven't spare money to spend in the shops.

Yesterday someone took a photo of "Celtic Mandala" my entry for the NZAG Art Awards . The colours are slightly distorted- the main cross is more a powdery blue rather than the electric shade pictured. Who'll want it is anybody's guess! Gine likes is so hopefully someone else will too.


The Trier and Jen said...

i like it too
beautiful Jen

damask22 said...

Thanks Jen.